While playing on a wedding party, a short photo session with the photographer of the party (Jurgen Dott), with this nice picture as one of the results.
Music at the Binnendieze, a music festival in 's Hertogenbosch, where the audience arrives via a boat tour over the 'Binnendieze' at the concert stage at the water side.
Trio C tot de derde plays at Holi, the Indian festival of the colours
Reisverhalen in Muziek
TOP Bemmel. Performing the show "Reisverhalen in Muziek"
Playing on a wedding party
For a week the trio was working for a devellopment organisation in the south of Pakistan. Here, during a visit of a little village, the pakistani kids are dancing on the unknown tunes
Coos makes a new friend, a begging streetkid in the centre of Ankara. Coos teaches him the basics of his wonderfull instrument
Playing at an international conference at the Dutch sea coast.
Playing music for bread and beer on the market in the centre of Tirana (Albania).
During the concert at the International Folklore Festival of Veliko Turnovo (Bulgaria) Caspar suddenly jumps on his knees to get his mouth-harp in front of the microphone for his mouth-harp solo in Bubamara.
folk festival Zevenaar
Trio C tot de derde at folk festival Zevenaar
C's the little boy's
Coos and Caspar (1989). Street-musicians from their childhood up.